UaCommerce -интернет-портал по бизнес-справочникам в Украине

 ...and we are looking for new markets. 

    DSG is a company founded by a group of professionals in IT and web design in 1995.
    Since that time we have completed a large number of successful software development and web projects. Our customers are satisfied with advanced security, reliability and flexibility of our former solutions. Besides they admit that outsourcing makes it possible to substantially reduce production costs without the need to compromise on either speed or quality.    
    We work in business solutions, information systems development, web development, web and printing design.

Our group is growing fast now
IT Staff and Quality

      Our team “core” is formed by software developers with 3 to 8 years of working together. All our employees graduated from the leading universities and institutes in Ukraine (Europe). They are applied math, computer science and power engineering educated professionals and many of them have experience working as project leaders (you can learn more about our projects).


- Creating team with up to 24-hours development cycle (our time zone is GMT+2)
- Development process monitoring via e-mail
- Software developed by professionals using up-to-date technologies.
- Low overall development costs.
- You focus on your core business, not development technologies
- You save on: project analysis, recruiting costs, social programs, insurance, office rent, security, LAN administration, computer maintenance, etc

The individual approach to each project

      When outsourcing your software development needs, you are entrusting another organization with a very important business function. And you certainly expect the company undertaking your project to understand your business needs and share your values. The key person in this will be project manager.
      Project manager is not only to provide guidance for the development team but also to ensure proper communication both with the Customer and within the team throughout the project. To ensure such communication and to exclude misunderstanding between participants is half the success of a software project. We try to find individual approach to every our customer. No matter how big the project, is the Customer may be quite sure that he will have a qualified project manager appointed for the project.
      As it is well known, one of the biggest problems of almost all large-size projects is changes in requirement specification after the design stage – during development stage or even when the system is almost completed. Our project management techniques allow to efficiently handle such problems.

Software Rights

     Certainly a Non-Disclosure Agreement and also a Financial Agreement is signed. You retain full intellectual property rights and source code of anything we develop for you.

We are ready to start working for you!

       We are powerfull, sinsere and creative team of specialists with strong knowleges and great expirience in software development and design. We dedicate substantial time and resources to training and upgrading the skills of us in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world.
      Comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience of many years enable us to be on the level of the world standards in the field of information technology and find efficient solutions.

      We provide:
  - the best cost/quality ratio;
  - completing your projects just on time;
  - the product exactly you need.