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Mutually advantageous cooperation
solved of a task.

      The "remote" group DneprSoftGroup (further - DSG) - collective of the programmers working with the Customers, which can be in significant territorial removal (Germany, USA, Canada …); communicating with the Customer according to the certain rules and completed tasks, deciding a number on statement, in the field of programming.

Group DSG - effective division for your company

The occurrence of such group was caused by need of a management of a number of firms for the qualitative and inexpensive decision of arising problems of IT-sphere.
      Our partners - large firms engaged in development and introduction of the software. The purpose of work DSG - to carry out those tasks in the field of programming, which firm be not capable to decide for the various reasons (dearly, does not suffice the employees, there is no time etc.).

The "remote" group of the developers what for is necessary?

      As a rule, existing in firm of the Customer the system group of the programmers, decides essential tasks of the current moment, or task laying in the nearest prospect (within the limits of the nearest month - two). Thus among tasks of the second circle it is necessary to choose more priority, and less priority to postpone "on then". Unfortunately, there is a critical term, checked up by statistics, on depth of planning: if a perspective task to plan we shall tell for 3-4 months forward, the speed of inflow of new tasks with a higher priority is those, that the system group is real begins the given task in 3-4 quarters, i.e. almost in one year (there is a number of precedents).
     The "remote" group of the developers therefore was created which can charge with some tasks, completed on the statement, to plan their performance on the certain terms and with complete reliance to expect conformity of scheduled and actual time for completion of works. Thus it is possible also to be sure in absence of the mentioned above inflow of priority tasks, which will remove time for completion of the basic task.

Group DneprSoftGroup

     DSG is engaged in development in the basic financial programs. The needs of the customers also require development in the field of Internet-commerce, databases, control systems of manufacture. The organization of work of collective allows flexibly to react to the practically any requirements, that allows to decide any tasks. Above development, as support and support of program products constantly work about 10 employees. They make so-called system group. These programmers - experts of a high level occupying up to work in collective conducting posts in various divisions of an industry, bank business, communication. They are engaged in system questions: create the utilities, which other programmers of group use; develop massive general library; will carry out support, completion, development a new system component. In case of necessity with the decision of a task the group temporarily replenishs for the account test, and also members of group, which are engaged in introduction of the program, answer to questions of the clients, marketing and other.
     For each certain situation the formation of temporary groups of the developers aimed at a tasks within the framework of the specific projects is supposed. Organization of interaction, coordination of work and information interchange - through Internet.

The form of joint work.

     Task of the "remote" group DSG - programming, debugging, testing in view of adaptation in the European market in interaction with the managers and programmers - colleagues from the company - customer. Germany. Usual functions of the head company - observation of the market, search of the clients, customers, contracts, advertising, one word - marketing and financing of development. The function of management of the projects and support of the users is important also.

Applicability site

      Given site - attempt in a rather brief statement to illuminate a number of key questions. Among them: than DSG is engaged, who is her clients, as the program products and many others are written. The provisional description of tasks also is submitted which can be charged to the "remote" group.
     We are always open for collaboration and we are glad to propose you our high quality services in software design, development and testing.